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Electric rechargeable Tricycle

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The electric rechargeable Tricycle customized for you

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For the urban shipping needs,urban mobility

Choose the Electric Tricycle, and take advantage of all the benefits this transportation option is giving you

No more traffic sanctions!

90% of the logistic businesses pay significant amounts in traffic sanctions. The Electric Tricycle offers you a great solution, allowing you to get to whenever you need in the urban map without any traffic violation, simply following the rules.

Park it in the city centers

There is no special parking needs with the HICycle. That makes your pickup and delivery process easy and time saving.

Say goodbye to extra expenses!

Save yourself all the fees in revisions, technical inspection, and extensive repairs. The tricycle has its consume cost at 0.1 and its impressive 14 hours of battery independence.

Eco friendly transportation

Join the sustainable move. HI Cycles Electric Tricycle is 100% environment friendly, without CO2 emissions and zero contamination, simply sustainable.

Tricycle construction details

As a product our tricycle is a result of positive collaboration with EVOLO- global leader in the sector of electrical tricycles. The technology and the engineer development of Evolo has joined our experience in the logistic sector especially in the last parts of urban delivery

we offer you the best solution to your case, evaluate your business needs and adapt the Electric Tricycle so you can get the highest performance possible

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Tricycle technical description

  • Front-based motor 250W
  • USB charg
  • Complete battery charge in 4 to 8 hours.
  • Battery independence up to 14 hour
  • Monitor LCD 5” Screen
  • 5 Speed Sensors
  • Hydraulics disc brakes
  • Electrical independence up to 100km (normal ride conditions)
  • Speed limit up to 25-30 KM/h
  • Max. Load up to 200 kg
  • Standard size of the packaging 1200x1200x740 mm.
  • Standard size of the Tricycle 2758 x 940 x 1578 mm.
  • Standard size of the Tricycle 2758 x 940 x 1578 mm.
  • Personalized colors and finishes

In HICycle is our responsibility to identify what type of tricycle is the best fit for your needs. As professionals in the delivery and transport sector we have the first hand experience and that gives us the advantage of knowing the problems so we can give you the solutions

In case you are interested to know all the details and technical data of the tricycle, you can contact us anytime. If you prefer you can visit our main office in person. That way you can see and try the Electric Tricycle in action before purchasing it.